Chaos Boss Dungeon Get Boss Avatars!!
High Difficulty!!

Chaos Boss Dungeon is a special dungeon to battle against strong boss.
Join the Party for Chaos Boss and create special avatar from materials that you can get from Chaos Boss.

Accept it from the NPC "Chaos Boss Dungeon Interior" and "Chaos Boss Dungeon Depth" in the Blackiron Palace to take on the Challenge!!

* You can clear "Chaos Boss Dungeon Interior" and "Chaos Boss Dungeon Depth" each once per day.

* New days begin at 4:00am every day (JST/UTC+9).

Chaos Boss Dungeon Interior

  Black King  

  Weakness: Blunt Element  

  Costume: Black King's Coat / Black King's Pants  

  Item Drop: Black King's fang / Black King's stone from abyss  

  Black Thunder Bull  

  Weakness: Slash & Wind Element  

  Costume: Black Thunder Bull's Coat / Black Thunder Bull's Pants  

  Item Drop: Black Thunder Bull Horn / Black Thunder Bull's Stone from abyss  

  Black Spirit Tree  

  Weakness: Slash & Fire Element  

  Costume: Black Spirit Tree's Coat / Black Spirit Tree's Pants  

  Item Drop: Black Spirit Tree Branch / Black Spirit Trees Stone from abyss  

  Black Sea Horse  

  Weakness: Thrust & Earth Element  

  Costume: Black Sea Horse's Coat / Black Sea Horse's Pants  

  Item Drop: Black Sea Horse Hoof / Black Sea Horse's Stone from abyss  

  Manticore Chaos  

  Weakness: Slash & Water Element  

  Costume: Black Beast's Coat / Black Beast's Pants  

  Item Drop: Black Beast's Black Tail / Black Beast's Stone from abyss  

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