How to win Boss Bulletin Board 1F

You must win the boss in the story mode first. You will be able to make quests on Bulletin Board.

Inside the picture will explain the EXP value that has been received from the Boss drop item. And an avatar set that can be created from items that can be dropped.

  The Storm Griffin  

  Quest: [Defeat Griffin] withthe black Swordsman LV.100  

  Weakness: Thrust & Earth Element  

  Costume: Dark Thorns Top / Dark Thorns Bottoms  

  Item Drop: Griffin's Claws / Griffin's Wings  

  EXP Total: 45630  

  The Strict Hermit  

  Quest: Mysterious Girl [Hermit Hunt] LV.100  

  Weakness: Blunt / Thrust / Slash (Break) Element  

  Costume: Sturdy Crab Top / Sturdy Crab Bottoms  

  Item Drop: Sturdy Crab's Hard Shell / Sturdy Crab's Big Scissors  

  EXP Total: 50068  

  Alaz The Blaze Shooter  

  Quest: Those Who Are Bloodthirsty [Lava Genie Hunt] LV.100  

  Weakness: Blunt / Water Element  

  Costume: Blazing Tops / Blazing Bottoms  

  Item Drop: Blazing Blue Sphered Soul / Blazing flame Arms / Blazing Armament Stone  

  EXP Total: 54775  

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