How to win Boss Bulletin Board 1F

You must win the boss in the story mode first. You will be able to make quests on Bulletin Board.

Inside the picture will explain the EXP value that has been received from the Boss drop item. And an avatar set that can be created from items that can be dropped.

  Pierce the Rogue Manteicore  

  Quest: Asuna: Manteicore Hunt LV.65  

  Weakness: Blunt & Water Element  

  Costume: Beast's Top / Beast's Bottoms  

  Item Drop: Beast's Tail / Beast's Mane  

  EXP Total: 23114  

  Thor the Annoying Troll  

  Quest: Lisbeth: Troll Hunt LV.75  

  Weakness: Blunt & Holy / Dark Element  

  Costume: Colossal's Coat / Colossal's Pants  

  Item Drop: Fang From Colossal / Sturdy Bones From Colossal  

  EXP Total: 26725  

  Envy The Witch  

  Quest: Attack white the watch [Defeat the Witch] LV.85  

  Weakness: Blunt & Holy Element  

  Costume: Frozen Evil Top / Frozen Evil Bottoms  

  Item Drop: Hair From Frozen Evil / Sharp Twig From Frozen Evil  

  EXP Total: 30791  

  Demonic the Fallen Elf  

  Quest: Join together with Sinon [Defeat Fallen Elf] LV.95  

  Weakness: Thrust & Holy / Dark Element  

  Costume: Demonic Spirit's Top / Demonic Spirit's Bottoms  

  Item Drop: Piece of Demonic Spirit / Icy Thorn of Evil Spirit  

  EXP Total: 35151  

  Kagachi the Samurai Lord  

  Quest: Bromance once again [Samurai Lord Defeat] LV.100  

  Weakness: Thrust & Holy / Dark Element  

  Costume: Snake Samurai's Top / Snake Samurai's Bottoms  

  Item Drop: Snake Samurai's Large Sleeve / Snake Samurai's Tongue  

  EXP Total: 40320  

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