How to win Boss Bulletin Board 1F

You must win the boss in the story mode first. You will be able to make quests on Bulletin Board.

Inside the picture will explain the EXP value that has been received from the Boss drop item. And an avatar set that can be created from items that can be dropped.

  Illfang the Kobold Lord  

  Quest: Kirito: Kobold Load Hunt LV.15  

  Weakness: Slash Element  

  Costume: King's Coat / King's Pants  

  Item Drop: King's Fang / King's Ear  

  EXP Total: 1224  

  Asterios the Taurus King  

  Quest: Asuna: Taurus King Hunt LV.25  

  Weakness: Slash & Earth Fire Water Element  

  Costume: Thunder Bull Coat / Thunder Bull Pants  

  Item Drop: Thunder Bull Beard / Thunder Bull Horn  

  EXP Total: 2712  

  Nerius the Evil Treant  

  Quest: Kirito: Evil Treant Hunt LV.30  

  Weakness: Thrust & Fire Wind Element  

  Costume: Spirit Tree Coat / Spirit Tree Pants  

  Item Drop: Spirit Tree Leaf / Spirit Tree Branch  

  EXP Total: 2248  

  Wythege the Hippocampus  

  Quest: Asuna: Hippocampus Hunt LV.40  

  Weakness: Thrust & Earth Element  

  Costume: Sea Horse Coat / Sea Horse Pants  

  Item Drop: Sea Horse Hoof / Sea Horse Fin  

  EXP Total: 4921  

  Fuscus the Vacant Colossus  

  Quest: Kirito: Colossus Hunt LV.55  

  Weakness: Slash Element  

  Costume: alse Statue Coat / alse Statue Pants  

  Item Drop: False Statue Stone / False Statue Crest  

  EXP Total: 14395  

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